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Wooden church of St. Basil The Great – orthodox, Krajné Čierno

The village Krajné Čierno pride oneself on two wooden churches, which are there. The more recent of these was built on a low hillside by the Orthodox faithful in the early 20th century and consecrated, just like the older Greek Catholic church, to St. Basil the Great. The fact that this is a log-built Eastern Rite church is not evident at first sight, but it is indicated by the tell-tale onion shapes at the top of the steeple’s pavilion roof and along the ridges of the pitched roofs of the nave and sanctuary. The ground-plan of the building is arranged in three parts, each of which has rectangular shape. The iconostasis and other furniture date from the time when the church was built and are not of particular artistic or craftsmanly value, and the overall aesthetic impression from this wooden church’s architecture is seriously spoilt by the shiny metal roofing.

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Krajné Čierno, Slovensko

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