Observatory tower Čierna hora

Čierna hora (667.1 m above sea level) – the peak overlooking Svidník between Jurkova Voľa, Rovné and Cernina localities. You can find log-frame tourist shelters in the close vicinity.

The route up Čierna hora

The route starts in Svidník along the red TZT (marked trail). From there we are heading to the intersection with the green TZT at the signpost on Hora dimension (456.8 m above sea level); further on both TZTs lead in parallel up to Ostrý vrch (599.4 m above sea level). We stop by Ostrý vrch, where there is the grave of the unknown Russian soldier from the First World War. The Inspirational Mass for those who fell in battle and for all the victims of both world wars is celebrated by the grave every year. The green TZT turns left on Ostrý vrch, whilst the red TZT leads back to Čierna hora.

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