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Open Air Museum

The open-air museum in Svidník on an area of ca. 11 ha contains over 50 traditional buildings. Despite the main types of farmsteads, the exhibition covers all types of utility buildings, including barns, pigsties, sheds, cellars, and wells. A water mill, a water-driven sawmill, and other smaller facilities represent rural industries. Other heritage buildings include a building for fire service equipment storage, the wooden log-frame school and seasonally used rooms. A typical inn arranged with a coach house from the early 19th century offers an attractive setting for a culinary experience. Wooden eastern-rite churches are the highlight of the Ukrainian folk architecture. The wooden church from Nová Polianka (Mergeška), dating from 1766, originally devoted to St. Paraskieva, is a dominant structure in the open-air museum.

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Festivalová, 089 01 Svidník (nad svidníckym amfiteátrom)

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