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Stropkov Zoo

The zoological garden in Stropkov is situated in the centre of the town, on the main route from Ukraine to Poland. It was set up in 1984, on the initiative of local children and their parents. The construction of the Station of Young Naturalists at the Pioneer and Youth House started at that time. Later, it was renamed as the ZOO. Currently, the small ZOO with its great offer is one of the kind attraction in Slovakia. It has various animals in 40 aviaries but also serves to preserve the pool of genes on our planet. The visitors can also admire the beauty of rare plants, shrubs, and trees. The site is a great attraction for children, because it has special furnishings for them, including a fairy-tale buffet Little Red Riding Hood, and a special zone for kids where they can feed the animals. The Zoo is a barrier-free space, so it is suitable for the disabled visitors as well.

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Hlavná 48, 091 01 Stropkov

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