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About the project

Non-profit organization DUKLA DESTINATION wants to connect subject, whom depend on the development in this region under DUKLA and actively promote the value of this destination at home and also abroad.


The geographical location of the region, folk traditions and crafts, beauty of surrounding nature, wooden churches in the UNESCO World Heritage and the history of World War II make this mystical place attractive for everyone, who looking for experiences from whole world. 
We decided to grab this unique potential of the Prešov region and build tourism products, which will help to increase employment in the region, bring back active lifestyle to the citizens, mainly due to the preservation of heritage of our ancestors and natural potential in this destination.



This non-profit organization is already young. We realize that we are at the very beginning of the run for the long track. And it is this fact, which is our hobby, and which drives us forward. We set up a non-profit organization with a clear vision of the successive and concrete steps, which we want to achieve for this ambitious project to be successful.



Sovietskych hrdinov 165 Street
08901 Svidník
Company registration number: 45747504
Non-profit organization
Date of commencement: 5/8/2015

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